<div><div><strong>PRESS RELEASE -One out of three Dutch consumers insecure about there knowledge of wine&nbsp;<br> BYTHEGRAPE: FINALLY A WINEPORTAL FOR EVERYONE</strong></div></div>          <div align="center">&nbsp;</div>  <div align="center">&nbsp;</div>  <div><div>Zutphen, June 16th 2009 – Which wine combines best with your favourite recipe? What wine tasting is worthy visiting during your holidays and which wine fits your constellation? Anyone with good wine taste can be inspired and exchange knowledge at <a href=""></a>. This new portal – completely dedicated to wine-experience – gives you all the information on latest trends, things you always wanted to know about wine, and gives you inspiring and surprising tips about wine. Famous international wine-experts share their opinion about an interesting wine theme. By The Grape is THE answer to the growing need for accessible information about wine. Although an increasing number of Dutch consumers appreciate a good glass of wine, almost one out of three say they’re insecure about their knowledge of wine and that the existing sources of information are not very accessible. This was the conclusion of research amongst wine drinkers in the Netherlands, by Panel Wizard.</div>  <div>&nbsp;</div>  <div>By The Grape is a new online platform, hoping and intending to be an inspiration for everyone who’s interested in wine. Wine lovers can read the latest wine news and&nbsp; trends, watch video’s and look up recipes, check the wine calendar and consult tips. Also the most famous wine-experts from the Netherlands and abroad, share their opinion about a weekly renewed theme. For instance: one week they write about South Africa, the next week about light coloured red wine. The Panel Wizard research indicates that almost ¾ of the questioned people trust the opinion of famous wine connoisseurs.</div>  <div>&nbsp;</div>  <div>Dutch consumer insecure about wine knowledge but “the neighbour” knows it all</div>  <div>On an average day 17% of the Dutch drink one ore more glasses of wine (that’s about 2 million people). In comparison: on that same average day only 15% drink one ore more glasses of beer. So there are more wine drinkers than there are beerdrinkes in the Netherlands. Even so, a large part of the winedrinkers say they feel uncomfortable when asked their opinion about wine. Almost 1/3 of the Dutch say so. More than ¾ say to get information about wine at the retailer or supermarkt, half ask their friends for advice and just ¼ indicate that&nbsp; the current internetsites are a good source of information. For informationseekers on the internet this applies more often for men (33,3%) than it does for women (16,7%). Most striking is the fact that 6 out of 10 Dutch feel that others know more about wine than they know themselves.</div>  <div>&nbsp;</div>  <div><strong>Everything you need for wine-experience</strong></div>  <div>“With the launch of we want to inform and inspire everyone who likes wine in an amusing way about all kinds of things connected to wine-experience. While other wine portals focus on business to business or just a to player of wineconnaisseurs, we want to reach the broader audience of wine lovers. We do this by stripping wine of its elitist image and just keep people who love wine posted on everything that’s going on with wine. One of the nice features on the site is the animation comic ‘Merlot &amp; Chardonnay’. Two characters that explore wine topics in a funny yet educating way every Wednesday”, says Derrick Neleman, initiator of By the Grape.</div><div>&nbsp;</div><div>By The Grape B.V.</div><div></div><div>Tel +31 (0)6 124 11 22 8</div>  <div>&nbsp;</div>  <div>&nbsp;</div></div>